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About Us

Lueo Duchess Renny at 8 weeks old

Our involvement with the Golden Retriever Breed
really started in 1997.
We began actively working in Golden rescue, volunteering for pickups from shelters, transports for the Canine Underground Railroad ( a system of moving rescued goldens to their adoptive forever homes across the country), and finally becoming a foster home for senior goldens.
(Unfortunately we failed as a foster home
because we seemed to adopt our "fosters")

We began researching Breeders of "English Type" goldens
in North America just prior to our last "foster" going to the
Rainbow Bridge.

After much research and many months spent looking for a
breeder that would fulfill our "family" needs, we narrowed our
choice to Lueo Goldens of Niagara Falls, Canada.

This recent arrival(2004) was to become our
Canadian bred Lueo Duchess Renny.
She is Desended from Parents and Grandparents
who are from Famous English/Irish lines.
With these Championship lineages, Many Generations of
Healthy Hips, Hearts and Eyes, AND the careful choice of mates,
We hope to make a fine addition to the breed
and will further improve our line of
English Creme Golden retrievers.

While we enjoy both the American and the
English Type Golden Retrievers,
We prefer the Sweet Personality, Light Colors
and Dark Pigments of the True English Type.

All of Our Dogs are Certified Clear of Genetic Disorders
(Hips,Elbows,Eyes,Heart and Thyroid)

Since we are a small Breeder, our Golden's have always
been kept as house pets and share our living space.
We truly think of them as our children,
and as such we make sure all our Golden Retriever
puppies are well placed in a loving home where
they will be treated and loved just as any 2 legged child would be.

We are Members in Good Standing of
The Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA)
The Golden Retriever Club of IL (GRCI) and
Our Dogs are CKC/AKC Registered.

As members of The GRCA,
as well as the GRCI.
We adhere to a strict COE (code of ethics) set
forth as a guide for breeders. ALL of the dogs we breed [or breed to]
obtain all of the clearances recommended by the
GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America)
including but not limited to, OFA cleared Hips, Elbows
Hearts and Thyroid, as well as yearly CERF (Eye) clearances.

                                                    Guisachan Estate circa 1897
                                Lord Tweedmouth's Scottish Home where the first
                                                 Golden Retrievers were Bred                       
                                             Tomich, The Scottish Highlands   
                                      for more on the history of this wonderful breed
                                                     Guisachan Estate Kennels
                                                               Birthplace of
                                                   The GOLDEN RETRIEVER 
             Old English Type Golden From the Turn of the Century




Email: Rick Larson
IL  60641
Ph: 773-286-8611


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