Montrose’s Wrigley Field (8/21/2007-6/9/2010)
Sire: Indian Knolls Barney Boy CD,CGC,TDI
Dam: Lueo Duchess Renny CGC
Whelped: 8/21/2007

Montrose’s Wrigley Field (8/21/2007-6/9/2010)


We are extremely saddened to hear that “Wrigley” from our 2007 litter

      was struck and killed by an automobile while playing with the kids.
his “mom” wrote:
The pup was way past perfect–no animal that I know ever equaled his beauty, intelligence, or kindness.  The vets said he was a perfect animal.  He loved fishing and spent his days in my lake and his nights snuggled with me in my bed…
Wrigley is sadly missed and fondly remembered by his family and ours…

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Indian Knolls Barney Boy CD,CGC,TDI      



Lueo Duchess Renny CGC