Typical Puppymill Kennels

Thinking of Buying a $600-$700-$800 Golden?
You could be Buying a Lifetime of Heartache
Expensive Vet Bills
“Your puppy’s purchase price may be a smidgen of what you could spend over its lifetime. Think ahead to 10-15 years of veterinary bills and the importance of choosing a puppy whose ancestors have been Pre-Screened for common health issues which have a genetic basis.
AKC registration simply means the sire and dam of your Golden Retriever are the same breed.
It does NOT guarantee health, temperament, structural soundness or breeding quality.”
Before breeding, all Montrose Goldens and
 the dogs we breed to undergo health certifications,
Thyroid Clearance
OFA Hip and Elbow X-Rays,
CERF Eye certifications, and receive
Heart Clearances from a Canine Cardiologist.
Also The following Genetic  tests,
prcd-PRA status, PRA-!, PRA-2, ICT and DM
They Live in our House,
They Sleep in Our Beds.
They are LOVED.
Puppy Mill Misery
Do You Really Want YOUR PUP to Come From A Place Like
this one below?

Please go to the Golden Retriever Club of America and read about Puppy Mill Dogs